About Us

Intentional Business Approach

GeoTrack is a small firm as a result of a thoughtful business plan.  Each project is different, and so are we.  GeoTrack was purposefully created with a mission to:

“Offer high quality and responsive consulting services,
through client relationships that are built on a shared
understanding of projects, service needs and outcome,
and senior engineer expertise for all project levels.”

Client satisfaction, and our genuine drive to be the best is our motivation for meeting client goals and achieving our mission.  

Diverse Client Base and Markets

Our scope of clients include:

  • Architects

  • Civil and Transportation Designers (A/E Firms)

  • Commercial Owners

  • Design-Build Contractors

  • Financial Institutions

  • General Contractors

  • Industrial Owners

  • Insurance Companies

  • Legal Professionals (forensics and expert testimony)

  • Municipal and State Government Agencies (city, county, and state engineering departments, departments of transportation, school boards, etc.)

  • Private Entities

  • Property Developers

  • Real estate professionals

  • Structural Engineers

  • Transportation Engineers

  • Wall Installers and Other Specialty Contractors