Geotechnical Engineering

Professional Services Pathway

Our projects often begin with pre-construction and design services including subsurface explorations, property transaction assessments (Phase I ESAs), and mechanically stabilized earth wall designs.  After we design your deep foundation and make recommendations, we can monitor the installation during the construction phase.   Our construction phase services are not limited to only construction materials testing and special inspections, but we often perform those services simultaneously.

In a perfect world, GeoTrack expertise may not be needed.  In today’s world, our experienced geotechnical engineers are available to assist you should your project construction phase encounter unsatisfactory conditions such as soft soils, shallow ground water, shallow rock, or other unfavorable findings. Nature has been known to give us some surprises from time to time, so we are here to help.  Our full scope of geotechnical capabilities enable us to assist clients throughout a project from inception to completion, and with challenges that require both routine testing and advanced geotechnical expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Design and Development

  • Subsurface Exploration Using A Variety Of Techniques

  • Geotechnical consultation and analysis

  • Customized Additional services based on individual project needs

  • IBC Site Classification

  • Design of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Systems and Other Geostructures

Construction Materials Testing

  • Construction Quality Control/Quality Assuracne (QA/QC)For Buildings, Transportations Systems, Landfills, Highways, And Other Construction Projects

  • Evaluation of soil stability in construction subgrades and foundation excavations

  • Concrete Monitoring And Testing

  • Special Inspections

  • Soil Compaction Monitoring and Soil Suitability

  • Site Improvement For Construction Suitability

  • Consultation related to groundwater control

  • Consultation related to rock excavation

  • Pavement System Design And Monitoring

  • Deep Foundation Installation Monitoring

  • Additional customized services as needed


  • Phase I & Phase II Site Assessments

  • Delineation of soil and groundwater contamination

  • Asbestos surveys and management plans

  • Lead-based paint surveys

  • Management plans and operation maintenance (O & M) plans

  • Limited Soil And Groundwater Rehabilitation

  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) assessments

  • Property Condition Assessments